Foot and Nail Care

Foot and Hand Care at Seattle Athletic Club Downtown

Please note: the Pediworx salon is currently closed until further notice.

Welcome to PediWorx at Seattle Athletic Club, where the pampering and relaxing gentle care of a nail salon meets the clinical expertise of a specialized medical office.

If you have not experienced our pedicure/manicure services, you are missing out. PediWorx delivers modern podiatry technologies using methods that take pedicures to a higher level. These methods eliminate the use of soaking tubs and toxic chemicals. They are safer and more hygienic than using traditional wet methods. This allows your feet to remain soft and beautiful for a longer period of time.

Supervised by Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, our licensed nail technicians are trained to the newest non-invasive methods of foot and nail care. You will receive a pleasing aesthetic experience and enjoy the effective and long lasting results that new technology allows.

Why PediWorx pedicures and manicures are safer and more effective.

  • Our nail technicians do not use sharp instruments to perform pedicures and manicures.
  • Modern tools allow a precise work on hard- to- reach areas.
  • All implements are disposable or sterilized at a medical grade.
  • No water is used in services with no sacrifice of sense of purity and rejuvenation due to use of specialized skin sanitizing sprays, hot towels and luxurious lotions.

PediWorx Specialty Treatments:

  • Ingrown Nail
  • Corns
  • Athletes Foot
  • Nail Fungus
  • Nail Restoration
  • To schedule a PediWorx treatment please call 206.838.1810.
  • For more information about the modern technology and methods used in our services please visit