Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training at the Seattle Athletic ClubWe ask that all our staff continue to advance their skills through yearly continuing education. As a result, our trainers have been recognized both nationally and locally, in publications such as Men's Health and Seattle Magazine.

In addition to superior education, each trainer has unique specializations which take their clients beyond basic exercise programs; Martial Arts, Triathlon, Boxing, Mountain Biking, Water Running, Group Training, Boot Camp, TRX, Kettlebells, Power Lifting, Youth Training, and Pre/Post Surgery to name just a few.

Even with all this, we still boast some of the most affordable rates in the city. Our goal is to make our training services available to all our members, not just the select few.


Why is there a tiered system with different pricing for the training staff? 

We have different rates for our trainers based on a combination of things such as; years of service at the Club, advancement of knowledge/skills/certifications, participation in fitness and Club programs and member/client engagement.


TIER 1 TRAINERS: generally have worked at the Club for 0 – 3 years; have a nationally accredited certification. 

TIER 2 TRAINERS: generally have worked at the Club for 3 – 6 years; have an advanced certification; help create and implement fitness programs 

TIER 3 TRAINERS: generally have worked at the Club for 6+ years; have multiple advanced certification/educations; help create and implement fitness programs

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Why Train with a SAC Personal Trainer?

  • It’s Your Body! All trainers will take your personal goals and make a specialized workout for your needs.
  • Doctor’s Prescription…Exercise! No medical issue is too big or too small for one our highly educated trainers to work with or around.
  • Like Fun and Challenging Exercises. Do you have a training style or piece of equipment you want to learn to use…chances are our Fitness Department will have someone who is certified to coach you.
  • Need a Workout Revamp or Jump Start? Our fitness staff can take a look at your old workout and give it a new spin and breath of fresh air…whether it takes one session or a couple.
  • Special Occasions! Do you need to transform that body for a wedding, summer vacation or reunion…we can help fast!


  • For more information, ask any of our trainers, or contact our Fitness Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..