Personal Fitness Training Class Descriptions

30 Minute Express Workout

Join trainer Adriana Brown for this fast, effective, fun, and challenging half an hour. This class is designed to condense your time in the gym into a 30 minute workout that covers cardio, strength, power, and flexibility. If you are spending hours in the gym and wondering how to get it all in, look no further. 30 Minute Express Workout will take you to new fitness levels while teaching you skills to utilize your time during workouts. $25.50/class

Advanced Metabolic Conditioning

Heavy full body lifts combined with high intensity power exercises to give you a full body workout through strength, endurance, sprints, and power. ($400/month or $35 drop in)

Athletic Crosstrain Conditioning

A challenging group class that combines effective workouts with the use of free weights, jump rope, body weight exercises, stair running, rowing, and medicine balls. This is an ideal class for weight loss and improving athletic fitness. The workouts are always fun and challenging, you will learn to push yourself to do your best and learn valuable exercises that you can perform on your own. ($400/month or 40 drop in)

Athletic Crosstrain Strength

If you are looking for a high intensity full body workout, this is the one for you! Heavy full body lifts combined with high intensity workouts to give you a full body work through strength, endurance, sprints, and power. ($400/month or $40 drop in)

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness is a total body strength and conditioning class designed to challenge you in new and exciting ways. Plan on using a wide variety of exercise equipment such as battle ropes, kettle bells, jump ropes, TRX, agility ladders and the sled. The goal of this class is to improve your cardiovascular fitness and leave no muscle un-challenged; while making you feel stronger and more confident to tackle any challenge life might throw at you. ($100/month or $30 Drop-In)

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is a class is structured towards increasing a people’s strength, balance, and overall health; making your everyday activities easier. During this class expect to combine strength, agility, jumping and cardio into an action packed hour! $30/session

Martial Arts Bootcamp

This class is an action packed martial art circuit of cardio, agility, boxing, and kickboxing. See how much fat your body can burn throughout the hour; transferring your body into a lean fat burning machine. The stamina from doing constant movement from each station will give you awesome endurance for any sport! With multiple class times available to choose from there is no reason that you cannot make this class a part of your weekly fitness routine. ($25 per class)

Rings N' Bells

Rings ‘N Bells is a beginner’s class into the world of gymnastic rings combined with full body exercises using the Sand Bells. This full body workout is designed to promote basic skills of inversion, lockouts, push-up/plank, and core tension on the rings. Using basic movements on the rings while exerting power and strength on the bells provides each participant with an hour of full body strength and cardio work. No pervious gymnastic skill necessary, all fitness levels welcome. Come try out something new, do things with your body you never thought possible, and have a blast doing it! ($400/month or 40 drop)

SAC Running Club

Join the Seattle Athletic Club’s multi-sport directed program, incorporating warm-ups, drills, stretching and runs.

Track Speedwork

Follow Teresa Nelson on the Seattle Pacific University track to improve your middle and long distance running speed. Ideal for people participating in Triathlon training and other endurance races. $50/month

TRX Training

TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise, and is a form of suspension training that uses body weight for all exercises. Kick your workouts up a notch, strengthen your core, and boost your metabolism with this total body workout! ($30/class)