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  • “Since I joined SAC several years ago it has been the central place for me for the pursuit of health and fellowship. I typically have spent two to three hours, three (or so) days per week. I am handicapped and losing access to my workouts for several months due to the CV19 pandemic has been devastating for my strength, balance and ability to walk. Plus I didn’t get to see my friends on the staff or those who worked out at the same time I do.

    When I ran into a SAC friend at QFC who told me that the SAC was opened by appointment on a limited basis (very limited), I was thrilled. My first day back I felt like a kid going to kindergarten for the first time. I knew that I was back on the path to regain my strength. 

    Since I started back, I’ve been working three times per week, twice with a great trainer, Luca, and can already see and feel improvement. It’s also been a tremendous boost for my mood.  Being locked down for several months was really getting me down. 

    The Club is making sure to take all measures to keep those of us returning safe. If you feel safe after looking into it, check it out. I’m glad I did.” 
    - Walt Brown
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