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Yoga at Seattle Athletic Club

Seattle Athletic Club has one of the most comprehensive and established Yoga programs in a private club setting in the Pacific Northwest offering over 25 free Yoga classes per week. We take pride in offering the highest quality Yoga classes available due to our experienced, passionate and dedicated instructors. The Yoga instructors at Seattle Athletic Club are required to have a Yoga Instructor Certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance at the 200 or 500 hour level. Their experience and knowledge provide the foundation for the success of our participants. The professional instructors at SAC create an atmosphere that is safe and comfortable which allows participants to push themselves to succeed. The continuing education our instructors receive provides them with the most current research, which allows them to teach a safe and effective class. Our excellent team of instructors will push you to reach your full potential while maintaining proper form and alignment. Lastly, the state-of-the-art equipment provided in the mind/body studio will enhance your overall work-out.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Barre Works

This class is a great way to sculpt your body without lifting weights. This class will increase your core strength and flexibility integrating the fat burning format of interval training, the muscle shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and the science of physical therapy to create a revolutionary new workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body.

Beginning Hatha Yoga & Meditation Class

Perfect for beginners and experiends practitioners alike, this class focuses on fundamentals; using postures as tools to quiet the mind and hone in focus. The emphasis is on alignment and engagement to create and fine-tune your foundations for a safe, strong, balanced practice.

Feldenkrais: Improve Movement, Reduce Pain

The Feldenkrais Method is an innovative approach that offers a way out of physical discomfort. Exploratory exercises are designed to improve flexibility, posture, and balance, leading to increased physical comfort, faster recovery from injuries, and enhanced athletic potential.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation

This class focuses on basic yoga postures, core strengthening, breath and meditation. Perfect for those new to yoga or who want a more relaxing pace.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Open to all levels of practice and abilities, our soothing gentle class focuses on an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. Therapeutic in nature, you will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, while immersing yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a perfectly slower pace allowing ample time to enjoy each pose. Breathing & relaxation techniques will also be introduced, perfect for stress relief and overall well being.

Hatha Yoga

This class will focus on deepening your practice and creating inner balance by working in the poses with attention to alignment, breathing, body awareness and feeling.

Power Yoga Flow

Be prepared to sweat! Power Yoga Flow is an intense Yoga workout inspired by a challenging Yoga sequence, and Fitness Training techniques. Open to all who are ready to take their Yoga training to the next level.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a relaxation method that teaches you to relax through a series of gentle movements and stretches coordinated with breath work. This will allow the mind and body to recover from the stress and strain that comes into our daily lives.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga is a wonderful yoga class for beginners and those who like to start their week with a focus on gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga techniques, joint mobility, and yoga breathing for meditation.

Tai Chi Fusion

This class integrates the principles of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates into a gentle flow to increase blood flow, improve breath control and dynamic postural development. Consistent practice will develop balance, range of motion, grace, and improve the health and mobility of the spine.

Vinyasa Flow

A continuous flowing practice that will challenge your entire body and relax the mind by combining sun salutations and breathe awareness with held asanas. Style will vary with each teacher.

Yoga for Athletes

This class is open to all levels. It will challenge those experienced yogis but will also help new participants learn how to practice yoga. Stretch and strengthen.

Yoga Strength and Flexibility

This class utilizes traditional Yoga strength training to increase sports endurance, and longer held stretching to reduce injury. This is an excellent class for all levels of athlete who are looking to excel in sports and functional performance in daily activities.

Yoga Events

To show our appreciation for the members of Seattle Athletic Club as well as add to the cohesion of the Yoga department, we have regularly schedule events.

The Yoga Department has fun social events which have included wine tasting, Acroyoga Demonstration and Yoga gear trunk show, Couples Valentines Day Class and more!

Yoga Workshops

An additional benefit members receive is workshops in the Yoga department for a small fee.

The Yoga Department provides an Introduction to Yoga Series and has provided workshops such as Functional Anatomy for Safer Movement for the hips and shoulders, Limbering up the Spine, Yoga to boost the immune system and more!

Benefits of Yoga

  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase Oxygen levels in the body
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Increase stability and balance
  • Strengthen bones by using your own body weight
  • Increase athletic performance by balancing out muscles
  • Decrease back pain
  • Increase seratonin levels which increase white blood cell counts

Yoga instructors at Seattle Athletic Club

Have a Yoga Instructor Certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance at the 200 or 500 hour level.

Have two or more years experience in their Yoga practice.

Secrets to successful Yoga participation

  • Select a class that sounds exciting and motivating to you.
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor before class.
  • Let the instructor know you are new to class and inform him/her of any injuries you might have or modifications you might need.
  • Attend a new class more than one time before deciding if it is a good fit for you. The more you take a class, the more comfortable you become. Once you understand what the class is about and you are able to execute the moves properly and safely you will get a better all-around workout.
  • Wear proper attire that is comfortable and allows your body to move and breath.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Most importantly, have fun!