Life Coaching

Life Coaching at Seattle Athletic Club

What on earth is Life Coaching?

Famous athletes and performers have a coach. CEO’s of major companies like Microsoft and Google have coaches. But what on earth is a life coach and how could it help you reach your goals and create a life you love?

What every major athlete and successful CEO knows is that the mastery of self is the most important aspect of personal success and prosperity. To move forward we must first learn all the limitations, real or imagined, that have been holding us back. A life coach works with clients to help them bring these often sub-conscious patterns or thoughts to the forefront of their mind and create an effective plan for moving forward.

Different than a psychotherapist or health trainer life coaches draw from various disciplines and tools to shape a plan that will add deeper meaning and fulfillment in your day to day living. Tools that a life coach may draw on include, but are not limited to: personality typing practices, career coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, health coaching, spiritual development, mind-body integrative work and more.

If you have been trying everything to create change in your life – lose weight, excel at your career, improve relationships, change bad habits – and keep producing the same results or hitting the same roadblocks then life coaching is right for you.

Meet the Seattle Athletic Club Life Coach

Lindsey JacksonLindsey received her B.F.A. from Emerson University in Dance and Theater and her M.A. from Lesley University in Social Sciences with a focus on holistic health modalities. She has worked and trained as a dancer, health instructor, muscular therapist and life coach in Europe, Asia, and Australia for thirteen plus years. In this time, she attained degrees and certifications in Muscular Therapy, Thai Massage, Enneagram Coaching, Career Coaching and the full sweep of Pilates practicum. This broad international experience is reflected in her integrative practice methodology.

What will the Seattle Athletic Club Life Coach do for you?

Our Life coach is here to help you bring awareness to limiting thoughts or beliefs that may be holding you back. Through one-on-one sessions and/or workshops she will guide and support you as you create lasting change in your life. In addition, our life coach is here as a club resource, working in conjunction with the SAC trainers and therapists to design programming that meets your goals for moving forward.

Private Life Coaching Services

Enneagram Typing Session (prerequisite)

“Any effective approach to growth must take into account the fact that there are different kinds of people – different personality types.” – Don Richard Riso

Our Life coach will help you identify your underlying personality type, also known as your underlying motivation, using the Enneagram system of personality typing. You will leave this work not only understanding ‘what’ you do, but more importantly ‘why’ you do it. Empowered with this information you and your coach will assess how your type has both motivated and limited you in your day to day living.


Success Coaching

Armed with the valuable information you will acquire from your Enneagram Typing session you may choose to focus your coaching in one of the following areas.

  1. Movement Therapy: The body can be a mirror for the deeper psychological work. If you have consistently struggled with reaching your health goals - weight-loss, staying motivated, diet/nutrition - then this work will help you identify an intrinsic motivator, design realistic values-based goals, and maintain accountability as you create lasting change.
  2. Leadership Coaching: History shows us that great CEOs and leaders continually search for opportunities to improve themselves. Self-knowledge shapes everything from your management and team-building skills to how you manage the roadblocks that will invariably come your way. Through this work you will learn skills to navigate your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as your teams, and develop into a more authentic and fearless leader.
  3. Career Coaching: Choosing a career that fulfills us and adds to our overall vision for our life can be a daunting task. If it was as easy as learning a new skill set or taking the time to apply for new roles then surely you would have already found a career you love. Using various career family identification and self-assessment tools you will work together with your Life coach to identify a roadmap for moving forward that is financially sound, time-specific, and motivated by intrinsic goals and values.




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