Cost:  $25 members, $75 non-members (includes guest fee)

  • New Members - complementary initial scan/consult and 3 month follow up scan/consult
  • Clients - complementary quarterly scan/consult

InBody 570: an in-depth look at your body in less than 60 seconds.

The Seattle Athletic Club has added another tool to help you in your health and fitness journey.  Within 45 seconds the InBody 570 can give you insightful information about how balanced your muscular development is, what your Basal Metabolic Rate is, what your body’s hydration level is, what your body fat and visceral fat level is at.

Non-invasive and pain-free testing:

  1. Stand on the unit
  2. Enter your information
  3. Grab the hand electrodes
  4. Check out your results


What information will the scan tell you?


• Intracellular Water (found within muscles & organs) • Extracellular Water (fluid retention) • Dry Lean Mass • Body Fat Mass

• Weight • Skeletal Muscle Mass • Body Fat Mass

OBESITY ANALYSIS - looking at body mass and percentage of body fat to assess degrees of obesity or degrees of fitness
• Body Mass Index • Percentage Body Fat

SEGMENTAL LEAN ANALYSIS - This can be utilized to determine how specific diets and exercises are affecting the body composition.
• Right Arm • Left Arm • Trunk • Right Leg • Left Leg

BODY WATER ANALYSIS - You can identify and track inflammation, swelling, and even injuries with ECW/TBW Analysis while monitoring how this ratio changes over time under the Body Composition History chart.
• ECS/TBW - in general healthy people maintain a ration near 0.380 (range 0.360-0.390)

• Weight - SMM - PBF - ECS/TBW

BASAL METABOLIC RATE - calories your body burns at rest in 24 hours

VISCERAL FAT LEVEL - maintaining this level below 10 to stay healthy

How is your body composition measured?

How is body composition measured?
The InBody 570 measures body water, muscle mass, and body fat by passing three frequencies of current through your body between five contact points. This allows an extremely accurate measurement of body fat comparable to DEXA scanning but at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. InBody reports 98% correlation with DEXA scanning and superior reproducibility. 

Should I get tested?

First, let’s talk about who SHOULDN’T be tested. Anyone who has an implantable electronic device, such as a pace maker, that can’t be turned off shouldn’t use the InBody (or any other device using bioimpedance).

What type of person this can would be beneficial for:

  • Anyone who is starting a new workout routine and wants to see that it is having the desired effect on the body it is supposed to have (new gym goers and experienced)
  • Anyone who is changing what they eat or starting a new diet to make sure the body isn’t starving itself and using your muscle for a fuel source.
  • Anyone who is interested in accurately monitoring how a fat loss strategy is working.
  • Anyone that is injured or recovering from an injury wanting to see if their injured part is healing and has the strength capacity to support their body.
  • Any athlete that has a competition and wants to make sure their body is fully hydrated for the intensity of a competition.
  • Anyone that has a medical/health issue that needs to monitor their muscle & strength levels
  • Anyone who starts taking a medication that may affect their muscle & fat distribution.
  • Anyone that needs to know how many calories to eat each day (metabolic rate) based on their body’s composition (not a general formula).
  • Anyone seeing a nutritionist or trainer to make a meal plan for them.
  • Anyone interested in a snapshot of what their body is made of and how to make it function better.

I’m interested! How do I sign up for an InBody scan?

Anyone interested in scheduling an InBody scan can set up that 5-10 minute scan and consultation appointment with any personal trainer in the club or by contacting the fitness director Jacob Luckey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

In order to have the most accurate measurements, these guidelines should be followed:

  • It is optimal, though not required, that women be measured while not having their periods.
  • Don’t eat or drink coffee for 2 hours before
  • Don’t exercise before the test
  • If you have a pacemaker you CANNOT use the InBody scanner
  • Don't drink a bunch of water before the test
  • Empty your bladder just before your test.
  • Don't wear anything metal (including wired bras)
  • Wear shorts and a tank top or tight fitting t-shirt (no shoes or socks).

After the scan our fitness staff will help interpret your detailed InBody printout; giving you direction and input about your current fitness regime and eating habits.