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How to

From the start screen, you can browse & choose the latest classes, select a class criteria or get info on the schedule.

You can use the sorting and filtering options in the library to pick the right class for you.

View the class trailer & description and start your class.






 Cycle Descriptions 


Power Cycle*

This hour-long class simulates the outdoor biking experience.  Combining basic, rhythmic, and athletic cycling drills with guided focus and motivational music, this is truly a challenging and exhilarating workout. 


Virtual Rides through Wexer Virtual

Wexer Virtual offers a phenomenal audio-visual experience in group exercise and cycling studios. The Wexer Virtual system offers a wide variety of classes reflecting the industry's hottest titles and trends.  Select rides from the following providers: The Sufferfest, Les Mills RPM, Club Virtual, Epic Rides, Power Music Revolution, Wexer Virtual, Virtual Rides, and Induro.  Please refer to the providers for more details.


On Demand

On the schedule locate days and times the studio is open for On Demand rides.  Using the kiosk (flat screen TV outside the Cycle Studio) select a ride according to level and class length to tailor-fit your ride. 


Virtual Scheduled Class

On the schedule locate days and times the studio has scheduled virtual rides.  The projector screen will automatically come down and the ride will start and end automatically according to the virtual ride that has been scheduled.  During this scheduled ride, an On Demand ride cannot take place or override the scheduled ride.  If an override is needed, please see a SAC employee who can access the system.


Club Virtual

Club Virtual is an outdoor ride with an instructor and music.


Epic Rides

Capturing beautiful, challenging cycling routes around the United States, epic RIDES features an on screen digital dashboard which provides terrain profile, ride timer, and heart rate training zone information. The ride has no coach and it is set to music.



Induro Cycling has put a new spin on the indoor cycling work out by utilizing amazing soundtracks, virtual instructors, and cycling videos from all over the world.  Induro caters to all participants of all fitness and cycling levels. 



The amazing and renowned classes by Les Mills: The world leader in group fitness provides Les Mills Virtual RPM.  The high intensity interval ride is set to the latest music that will get your pulse racing.  Rapidly increase your level of cardio fitness with the high energy work out. Class is coached indoor by some of the top cycling instructors from around the world.  Enjoy a fun, challenging work out set to thumping music and outstanding coaching.  All levels welcome.



Guidelines for Virtual Rides


  • Before you start using the kiosk for an On Demand ride, please make sure there is not another member in the middle of a ride.


  • Follow the steps on “How to use the new On Demand player interface” to select your ride.


  • When you are finished with your ride and if there is still time left, please stop your ride using the kiosk.


  • Virtual rides will not be played 20 minutes before a “Live” class with an instructor.


  • If you have questions, please ask a staff member for help.


  • Enjoy your ride!