Squash at Seattle Athletic Club DowntownSquash is a game that offers something for everyone. At Seattle Athletic Club you’ve never experienced squash like this before with fun for the social player as well as the highly competitive. Known worldwide for hosting national and international competitions and home to many champion players, Seattle Athletic Club Downtown is most proud of our 500 plus squash playing members. Our squash facilities include eight international-size courts, including a glass competition court.


Squash Pros

Tatu Murronmaa

Tatu Murronmaa 

Tatu is a European Squash Federation (ESF) Level 3 Coach (the top level available in Europe) and has a long history of coaching and playing at the national and international level.

Tatu began his squash career as junior player and part of the Finnish National youth squad.  He then moved to the Netherlands in 1999 to practice at a higher level while starting to develop his credentials as a coach. In the following years, he played in the Dutch Premier League in teams with world renowned players such as David Palmer, Anthony Ricketts, and Olli Tuominen among others. He also represented the Finnish National Team during those years.

His credentials as a coach include: Coach of Elena Wagemans, Dutch Champion (U-19) (2014); Coach of Radboud University which he led to the  Dutch Student National Championship (2013); Coach to Squash Apeldoorn, a club which he led to the Dutch Premier League Championship (2004-2008).

His credentials as a player include: Member of the Finnish National Team for five years (2002-2006); Over 6 years as a player in the Dutch Premier League where he qualified 4 times for the Playoffs (as a captain and player) (2000, 2006, 2007 and 2008). More than 20 years ranked in the Top-20 in both Finland and the Netherlands (1995-2016); 2 times Finnish Men’s Club Team National Champion (1994, 2005); and Dutch Champion mixed competition (2003).

Annelize Naude

Annelize Naude

Annelize brings 30 years of experience to the club, including playing as a professional from 1996-2010. Born in South Africa, she went on to represent South Africa as a junior and senior in both World Open Championships and Commonwealth Games. After completing her Bachelor's degree in South Africa she moved to the Netherlands to train under the watchful eye of former World no.2, Liz Irving. In 2002 she changed nationalities to be included in the Dutch National Olympic Committee’s Elite program which gave her the chance to develop her career to the maximum.

Annelize reached a highest world ranking of 13, won 3 National titles and 5 PSA international titles. She was also part of the Dutch National team that won the European Team Championships in 2010.

Prior to arriving in Seattle, she was the assistant coach at the Heights Casino in Brooklyn, NY for 3 years, squash manager at Spa Zuiver Club in Amsterdam and owner of Orange Squash Events responsible for running various events in the Netherlands.

When she isn’t on the squash court she spends time as a DJ and audio engineer, surfing, biking and any fun outdoor activity.

Squash Programs

Women's Clinics

Women’s Clinics:

  • Friday | 11:00am – 12:00pm Intermediate
    • 12:00pm-1:00pm Beginners

Cost $25 per player

Round Robin League

League Night

  • Tuesdays | 7:30pm - 10:00pm

Round Robin League:

  • Open Round Robin – Monday & Wednesday | 5:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Beginners Round Robin - Thursday | 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Box League

Box League

  • Boxes of 5 players each, which translates to 4 matches per round.
  • Schedule the matches at your own convenience. You will receive the contact details of the players in your box by e-mail.
  • Matches are the best of 5 games.
  • All matches for each round has to be completed and all results handed in by assigned date. The top 2 players in each pool will move up and the bottom 2 players will move down.
  • The winners of each box will go into a lucky draw to win a free squash lesson!
  • Cost is $20 per participant.
  • Protective eyewear must be worn at all times on our doubles court
  • Please enter and send all results to Annelize Naude at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seattle Squash Academy

Seattle Squash Academy

The mission of the Seattle Squash Academy is to provide a fully integrated Squash program for all skill levels, from beginner to elite, and is designed to help each athlete develop all aspects of their game, from technique and tactics to physical conditioning and mental training. The program director is Mike Johnson, former coach of several men's and women's world champions.

There are three levels of participation to choose from each offer exceptional value. A drop-in rate is also available.

  • Our Full Academy program includes
    • Three (3) Group Academy Sessions
      Mon, Tue, Thurs from 4:15pm-6pm;
    • One (1) organized match play day
      Saturday from 11am-1pm.
    • Two (2) Weekly Fitness sessions
    • Access and Weekly Drill assignments from Coaches through SquashSkills.com
    • Regular KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Testing and Measurements through SquashSkills.com
    • Extracurricular activities such as Spin Classes, Cycle Classes, Pilates Classes, Nutrition, Lifecoaching, psychological training, etc.
  • Then for our beginners; we have our FUNcademy curriculum which provides access to 2 group session per week (Wednesday and Saturday).

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite competitor looking to hone your game, the Seattle Squash Academy can help you can achieve your true potential!

For more information or to register your student, please inquire at the Squash Office or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Kids Squash

Kids Squash

Basic squash skills, hand-eye coordination, footwork and fun by our pro's.

Ages 6-13

Saturdays and Sundays 9:30-10:30

Cost $30 walk-in for members and non-members


Summer Squash Camp 2017




Summer Squash Camp 2018

Info coming soon.

Special Events



Check the Squash Bulletin Boards, Club Monthly Newsletter, Club Events Page for all current tournament information.


  Seattle Open 2018, 26-28 January 2018.
  Please enter through https://www.ussquash.com/tournaments

SAC Doubles Open 2018 ( info coming soon )



Past Events

National Women's Squash Day

Individual Lessons

Individual squash lessons are available. Availability is dependent on current schedule openings.

Please contact Tatu Murronmaa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Annelize Naude at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Squash Court Policies and Schedule

Here at the Seattle Athletic Club we want to ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to enjoy our facilities. As such we need to ask that all members abide by the following set of policies and procedures.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

  1. Squash Attire. Playing clothing for men shall consist of a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, socks and non-marking playing shoes. Playing clothing for women shall consist of a shirt worn with a skirt or shorts, or a dress, socks and non-marking playing shoes. No cut-offs, jeans, slacks, black-soled our shoes worn outdoors are allowed.
    Eye-protection is highly recommended.
  2. Courts may not be reserved for individual play during listed prime time hours. Prime time hours are Monday through Friday, 11:15 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., and 4:45 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  3. Members may only play once a day during prime time hours. Once a member has played during prime time, whether at noon or in the evening, he/she is not permitted to play again that day during prime time, even if a court is empty.
  4. Two names are required to book a court. Members may reserve courts two days in advance; beginning at 9:30 am. Same day reservations may be made at any time. Only one court may be reserved per phone call and members may only make reservations for themselves and their partner (required to reserve court). Members in the club may make reservations at this time from any house phone.
  5. One court reservation is allowed per member per day, with a maximum of two single-day reservations active.
  6. Playing in the Round Robin represents playing during prime time. Therefore participants in Round Robin cannot make additional bookings during that same day (see above).
  7. A player may participate in either the A/B Round Robin or the C/D Round robin, but not in both over the course of a single week.
  8. Youth squash members (15 or younger) must not book courts after 5:30pm.
  9. A $5 “no-show” fee will be charged to members who fail to check in for reserved courts, or cancel less than two hours prior to the reserved time. If there is any question over a court cancellation, the member who made the reservation will be held responsible.
  10. Court appointments that have not checked in prior to the 45-minute block may be given away after 15 minutes. The court is then available to others on a non-reserved, first-come, first-served basis.